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File sharing and storing made Fast, Easy, Instant, Secure. Phew, isn't that a relief!

Transfer up to 100GB. Pause and Resume transfers, get faster downloads with Super Surge! Complete privacy of files - no scans, no sneak peeks and that is only the beginning!


Say Hello to SurgeSend

First there were planes - fast, light, easy flying machines. Now there is SurgeSend.

SurgeSend is a file storing and sharing platform designed for those of you looking to transfer large files. It does not let turbulent internet connectivity, device switching, and other interruptions to get in the way of use. It keeps pace with your needs and increases efficiency. With SurgeSend, you can now send and store a wide range of files from designs and photographs to videos, large manuscripts and more - anytime, anyplace. For better security, files can be password- protected and expiration dates can be pre-set. Multiple storage options, an easy interface, and guaranteed delivery of files make the SurgeSend experience efficient, easy, and reliable. Are you ready to fly SurgeSend-style?



Pause Upload and resume at your convenience


Know when senders receive and download files


Enjoy bigger uploads and storage options


Encrypt confidential files


Transfer from multiple devices


Share files publicly


Ensure faster and guaranteed downloads

Surge Pause

Work stalled due to file upload failure? Work flow frequently interrupted? You can pause uploads and resume once net connectivity is regained. Enjoy enhanced productivity, freedom to move, and better workflows.

Surge Track

Have recipients received a file that you transferred? Rest easy. You'll receive system alerts via emails every time a file is downloaded by recipients.

Surge Pro

Notice the difference when you choose Pro Plus. Send files up to 100GB at one go, get extra space, save files indefinitely even after link expires, check transfer history, and resend files without reuploading.Free for 3 months for beta users and early adopters. What? Yes!

Surge Security

Have confidential files to transfer? SurgeSend gives you 256-bit federal level encryption. Protect files with a security pin that only the recipient can use to access files.

Surge On-the-Go

Need to rush out in the middle of a file upload? Continue uploads on multiple devices. Pause, switch to new device, and resume upload if you are on the move without starting from the scratch.

Surge Access

Files to be shared publicly? Just upload files on SurgeSend, choose the public option, and share link via email or publicly on Whatsapp, Wechat, or other platforms. You can also choose to keep download links private.

Super Surge

Download of large files* failing? With Super Surge, downloads are made faster with the power of p2p. In other words, guaranteed and fast delivery!

*Files upto 5GB in size supported.

Your Easy-Breezy Guide to SurgeSend

Drag and drop files

Enter email ids

Transfer...and let it fly!

Write a personalized message


Choose if files can be publicly downloadable


Send the files! Get notified when files are received and downloaded


Set an expiration date


Opt for Super Surge for faster and guaranteed downloads

Feel're on the way to becoming a file-sharing pro!

File sharing refers to the act of sending your files to other users including co-workers, business stakeholders, friends, and family by using digital tools. From the once ubiquitous floppy disks to currently popular online sharing services, these tools offer several levels of security, accesses, and conveniences.

The most popular method of sharing files is through Online Sharing Services such as SurgeSend. You can upload large files using a web browser or mobile app, and your recipients can download using mobile, computer or tablet. Typically, such file sharing systems store data in the cloud allowing you to access your files from anywhere, anytime.

While email, USB drives, peer-to-peer file sharing and local networks are regularly used to send files, none offer the conveniences or security of Online Sharing Services. These cloud-based sharing services have fewer restrictions on file size and make collaborations across geographies easy.

To send your files, all you need is an active internet connection, a computer, and (of course) files.

File sharing through online sharing services cuts through the disadvantages of most popular methods of sharing information including email and USB drives. Email becomes unwieldy if you attach large files and USB drives make your data vulnerable to theft, corruption and virus attacks. By using SurgeSend, you can eliminate all security-related issues and password protect all files that you share through the World Wide Web. To know more about the advantages of sharing your files through SurgeSend, read the answer to the What the features of SurgeSend's application question.

No, all you need to do is simply click on the big + symbol against the "Add more files" text and select the files that you want to share. Select them all at once or one by one and click "Send". As simple as that. No need to compress your files or folders.

The "Oops, looks like something went wrong" message appears in two instances: we didn't receive your files or the recipient's email was incorrect. In the first instance, it's likely that the file transfer was interrupted by a temporary loss of your internet connection. To restart your file transfer, go back to the homepage and re-upload your files. Please ensure you have good internet or wifi connectivity.

You will see the error message if the email address of the recipient is incorrect. Re-check the email address and ensure you have typed it correctly and there are no spaces between the letters..

Your upload speed could be slow because there are some issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or errors in your broadband router configuration or there are some technical issues with your home network.

You can diagnose and fix the issues that are causing your slow internet connection. Here are some tips.

1. Call your Internet Service Provider and ask them to check their network configuration or check for technical blockages.
2. If you're using an antivirus software, install the latest version. Turn off the webshield option or HTTP checking.
3. Check your router settings and ensure they follow the manufacturer's and ISP's guidelines.
4. Check and close any programs running in the background are eating up your bandwidth.

While we try to ensure all file transfers happen seamlessly, interruptions will occur if the uploaded file is corrupted. Ask your sender to check the file(s) and resend them.
Also, it's possible that you don't have the necessary software required to open the file transfer. Please contact your sender and ask them about compatible software or programs required to open the files.

The download link sent by us will not work in two likely instances. In the first instance, the download link has expired which happens if the transferred files have gone past the expiry date. You will have to contact your sender and ask them to re-send the files to you.
In the second instance, you would have most likely entered an incorrect password. Please re-check your password and try again.

Yes, you can share your files with a user who is not registered on Surge Send. All you need to send across your files is an active internet connection and the correct email ID of your recipient.

You don't need to register to use our services. However, you will need to have an active and valid email ID to send files through Surge Send. We will also send all updates regarding your file transfers to your email ID.
However, if you want to access the features of our premium services - Pro or Pro Plus, you will be required to register with us.

You don't need to pay to use Surge Send's Regular service. However, to access our premium features - Pro or Pro Plus services, select the option that matches your requirement the best and follow through the billing cycle to upgrade your SurgeSend service.

To change your billing address, click on 'My Information' under the 'Account' link in the top navigation of any page. The 'My Information' page will show fields to add or change your billing address. Before exiting the page, ensure you save the changes.

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