Transfer 250GB files!

With complete privacy and federal-level encryption.

Transfer up to 50GB per file. Pause and Resume uploads, get faster downloads with Super Surge and a lot more!

Say Hello to Surge Send

Surge Send is a file storing and sharing platform designed for those of you looking to transfer large files. With Surge Send, you can now send and store a wide range of files from designs and photographs to videos, large manuscripts and more - anytime, anyplace.

Why Surge Send


Pause upload and resume at your convenience


Know when senders receive and download files


Enjoy bigger uploads and storage options


Encrypt confidential files


Transfer from multiple devices


Share files publicly


Ensure faster and guaranteed downloads

Surge Pause

Work stalled due to file upload failure? Work flow frequently interrupted? You can pause uploads and resume once net connectivity is regained. Enjoy enhanced productivity, freedom to move, and better workflows.

How It Works

Drag and drop files

Enter email ids

Transfer...and let it fly!

Write a personalized message


Choose if files can be publicly downloadable


Send the files! Get notified when files are received and downloaded


Set an expiration date


Opt for Super Surge for faster and guaranteed downloads

Feel're on the way to becoming a file-sharing pro!


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