No, all you need to do is simply click on "Add files" and select the files that you want to share. Select them all at once or one by one and click "Send". As simple as that. No need to compress your files or folders.

You can access many conveniences while using Surge Send. To begin with...

You can pause the upload of your files if you're unsure about sharing your files or if you have to step away from your computer. This feature will also come in handy if the internet is slow or if you'd like to switch to a different device and continue the upload.

It is easy to track the people who have downloaded your files, in addition to the number of downloads. Click on "My Files" under "Account" on the top right navigation of any page to view these details. Information appearing on this page can also be deleted.

With Surge Pro, you can enjoy larger uploads and storage options. Surge Send enables you to send up to 50GB of uploads per file. You get the complete transfer history and you can also resend files without uploading them again.

Surge Send's secure platform ensures complete privacy for all its users. Your files are encrypted using 256-bit federal level encryption to ensure that no one other than the recipient can access the information in your files. Pin protection is available for pro users. Surge Send will send an auto-generated pin to the recipient ensuring only the right people can access your files.

Gain the advantage of sending large or extra-large files by using Surge Send's Super Surge feature. This unique feature leverages the power of p2p, which is not offered by any other file-sharing systems. It helps you collaborate easily with people or team members in remote locations without breaking their internet connections or corrupting your files.

In a hurry? Have places to be? Surge On-the-Go enables you to pause file uploads on one device and resume the same upload from another device. You don't have to start the upload again. You can continue from where you left off.

Surge Send's platform enables you to share files publicly. When you upload the files and choose the Surge Access option, it creates a link that can be shared publicly.

In the free version you can transfer up to 3GB and store up to 5GB files in size. However, with Pro you can transfer upto 50GB per file and store up to 250GB files in size.

Surge Send supports all file formats.

You can send 3GB data and store upto 5GB data in one month. The files will remain on the cloud forever or until the expiry date set by you. If you use 3GB of data in a month, then you will not be able to upload or generate the download links. If you send or upload much larger files, then we would recommend the Surge Send Pro which will offer you greater flexibility in the number of files to send or download.

For subscribers of Surge Send's premium services, the files will be stored automatically in your account for 2 months until expiration of your license. The files of non-subscribers will be deleted once the link expires.

To access the dashboard of your stored files, go to "Accounts" and click on "My Files". The page will display all the files that you have sent along with the following information: email addresses of all your recipients, number of downloads, and download and share links. The page will also display usage of your account limit and you can search by file name.

To download the files sent by Surge Send, open the notification email. The email will display the default or custom message along with a download URL. Click on the button or the URL lower down in the email. The button or URL will open a Surge Send page with the sender's message and a download button. Click on the button and the download will start in your browser. Now save and open. If the link is password protected, then we will send a second email with the password. You have to simply type the password in the password field and click on the download button.

Click on the "+" button to add files to be sent. Type relavent email addresses and a custom note for your recipient. Surge Send allows you to secure your files with a password and set an expiration date. Now, simply click on the "Send" button.

Your file transfers can be received only by recipients whose email addresses are added by you .

You can upgrade to service by clicking here

Yes, we use storage drives free from any operating system and follow the highest security standards. This ensures that your files are stored safely and secure from virus.

For more info on this, please refer license page.

Security and privacy are the cornerstones of Surge Send's application. Your files are transferred through 256-bit encrypted channels and can be accessed only by the unique links sent to you and your recipient. Our encryption channels are powered by federal level security systems.

Yes. You can write to us at with any of your queries and our customer care support team will respond within 24 hours.

The "Oops, something went wrong" message appears in two instances: we didn't receive your files or the recipient's email was incorrect. In the first instance, it's likely that the file transfer was interrupted by a temporary loss of your internet connection. To restart your file transfer, go back to the homepage and re-upload your files. Please ensure you have good internet or WiFi connectivity. You will also see the error message if the email address of the recipient is incorrect. Re-check the email address and ensure you have typed it correctly and that there are no spaces between the letters.

Your upload speed could be slow because there are some issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or errors in your broadband router configuration or there are some technical issues with your home network.
You can diagnose and fix the issues that are causing slow internet connection. Here are some tips.

  1. Call your Internet Service Provider and ask them to check their network configuration or check for technical blockages.
  2. If you're using an antivirus software, install the latest version. Turn off the web shield option or HTTP checking.
  3. Check your router settings and ensure that they follow the manufacturer's and ISP's guidelines.
  4. Check and close any programs running in the background that are eating up your bandwidth.

While we try to ensure all file transfers happen seamlessly, interruptions will occur if the uploaded file is corrupted. Ask your sender to check the file(s) and resend them. Also, it's possible that you don't have the necessary software required to open the file transfer. Please contact your sender and ask them about compatible software or programs required to open the files.

The download link sent by us will not work in two likely instances. In the first instance, the download link has expired which happens if the transferred files have gone past the expiry date. You will have to contact your sender and ask them to re-send the files to you. In the second instance, you would have most likely entered an incorrect password. Please re-check your password and try again.

If you don't see our emails in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folders. Sometimes emails sent from 'noreply@' are earmarked as 'unsafe' and may be sent to your spam folder. Mark our emails as 'not spam' and move them to your primary inbox which will ensure that future emails reach your inbox. If you don't see our mails in any of your folders, please go back and check for typos or errors in the email ID that you had typed while uploading your files in Surge Send .

Your files transfer might because your internet is slow or you are editing the selected file. In this case, please check our answer to "Why is my upload speed slow?"
Sometimes the file transfer does not complete if you're moving or editing the selected file. In such instances, the Surge Send platform will have a hard time assessing the correct file size and it will in turn stall the transfer.
Please ensure you have finished working on a file before selecting it for transfer. Another great way to ensure your transfers is by creating a .zip file of all your files slotted for transfers.

Transferring files from your hard drives or USB drives might also cause stalling of your transfer. We recommend that you copy the files to your computer before transferring them.

Sometimes antivirus and other blocking software will cause problems with uploads and downloads on Surge Send. They might also actively block our services. We recommend updating your antivirus software regularly for the latest list and behaviors of known viruses. This might lead to your software treating our services as friendly.

Some antivirus software use web shields and HTTP checking while others might completely block our service. Though not the same, third-party apps like browser extensions or plugins, flash blockers and ad blockers might interfere with the normal operations of our services or also the speed of your internet connection.

While we test our services across most browsers, it might not be possible to correctly predict exactly how antivirus software can interfere with our services. We recommend an updated antivirus software that not only protects your computer but also works well with Surge Send's app .

A unique feature of the Surge Send platform is that it allows you to pause and resume your uploads. Sometimes, if the internet connection is interrupted or lost, your files will not upload. It could also happen if your system suddenly crashes or browser freezes. In such instances, ensure your connectivity is back or close the frozen browser, and try uploading only the files that failed. No need to start from scratch.

Unfortunately, once you delete files from your account they are gone for good. You won't be able to restore them.

We have addressed this in question five: "Why don't I receive emails from Surge Send?" If you don't see our mails in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folders. Sometimes mails sent from 'noreply@' are earmarked as 'unsafe' and may be sent to your spam folder. Mark our mails as 'not spam' and move them to your primary inbox. This will ensure that future mails reach your inbox.
If you don't see our mails in any of your folders, please go back and check for typos or errors in the email ID that you had typed while sending the files. You'll see your mail soon in your inbox!

Yes, you can delete any files that you sent by mistake. Simply go to "My Files" page by clicking on the "Accounts" link in the top navigation. Once on the "My Files" page, select the file and click on the "Delete" on the far right of the selected file. The file will be deleted from Surge Send's servers and your recipient will not be able to download or open the files.

You will not be able to upload or download files on reaching or exceeding your monthly limit. The bandwidth limit resets after the month and you will be able to upload new files or download the old ones. You can also free up the bandwidth for each month by periodically deleting the old files that are stored in your account.

You can delete your files from anywhere, at any time. Simply click on "My Files" under "Account" in the top right navigation of any page. The "My Files" page allows you to track the status of your files including the people you have sent the files to, number of downloads and also links to download your files again. The page also provides you with options to delete your files from the servers of Surge Send for good.

Yes, you can share your previous uploads with new recipients by sending them the download link of your file upload.
You can copy the download link either from the notification mail that was sent to you or from the "My Files" page. Against each file upload, the "My Files" page will display the download link along with a "Copy Download Link" option.
You can share this download link with new recipients as long as the files are within the expiry period.

No, you will not be able to set a password to previous transfers.

Yes, Surge Send allows you to send your large files through Super Surge (torrents) to make it easy for you to collaborate with people or team members in remote locations.

To open a torrent file, you will be need to download and install a torrent client like BitTorrent on your system. After downloading the torrent file sent to you through Surge Send, double click on the file and it will open with the newly installed torrent client.

Yes, your file downloads via torrents are absolutely secure. However, please ensure that you don't share your torrent files with anybody.

Yes, you will be able to pause and resume the upload of your files on Surge Send.

At times, the unthinkable happens. Your internet connect is lost or interrupted while uploading or downloading your files. If you're doing this on the Surge Send platform, don't fret. Here's what to do.

If You're Downloading Files: You have to download your files again and save them on your system. If your browser supports the resume functionality, then you can resume your download.

If You're Uploading Files: You can resume uploading files once your internet connection is restored. But ensure that you don't close/refresh the tab/window/page that you were using to upload your files.

To upload a folder, you'll have to first compress it using a file compressing software like 7-ZIP. 7-ZIP.
Download and install the file compressing software on your system. Select the files and hit right click to compress the folder. You can now upload the compressed folder on Surge Send.

While torrent files make it very convenient to send your large and extremely large files without breaking your or your recipient's internet service, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read through carefully before using the torrent download feature on Surge Send.

If you lose your internet connection or for some unforeseen reason your system shuts down, you don't have to start from scratch. Once your internet connection is restored or you are back online, the download will resume.
You can download your torrent files faster than the regular ones. Also, even if your internet speed is slow, it will not take ages to download your files via torrents.

You cannot know the contents of your torrents until after you have completed downloading them while you're downloading your torrent files, they are uploading at the same time and this may add some pressure on your internet bandwidth.

Yes, you can share your files with a user who is not registered on Surge Send. All you need to send across your files is an active internet connection and the correct email ID of your recipient.

You don't have to register to use our services. However, you will need to have an active and valid email ID to send files through Surge Send. We will also send all updates regarding your file transfers to your email ID.
However, if you want to access the Pro features, you will be required to register with us.

You don't have to pay to use Surge Send's Regular service. However, to access our Pro features or services, select the option that matches your requirements and follow through the billing cycle to upgrade your Surge Send service.

To change your billing address, click on "My Information" under the "Account" link in the top navigation of any page. The "My Information" page will show fields to add or change your billing address. Before exiting the page, ensure that you save the changes.

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